PreLegal Solutions

Legal Advice without the Barriers

Who We Help

We work with individuals and small businesses who require straightforward guidance, advice and practical answers to their legal questions and challenges.

How We Help

Our service is designed to provide you with easy-to-understand legal advice that is tailored to your specific situation at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional law firm.

When To Talk

Early intervention is best, so before you engage a traditional lawyer or your situation escalates, talk to us. We will provide you with guidance and clear steps on how to move forward.

Welcome To Parker PreLegal

Our aim is to provide you with the result without a lengthy process, legal advice without the barriers, the law without the price tag.

At Parker PreLegal, we believe that many of the minor legal issues that life throws at us can be resolved efficiently with a small amount of prudent advice. Ideally, before the matter escalates and a lengthy legal process begins.

We understand that many people are cautious about approaching law firms, believing that legal advice is out of their reach financially or not suitable for their situation. This is often not the case and we are here to help.

Our Services

We work with both individuals and small businesses to provide answers and solutions to their legal questions.

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Contract Review and Guidance
  • Consumer Transactions
  • Tenant/Landlord Disputes
  • Building and Construction
  • Real Estate Businesses
  • Online Business

Our Process

Our consultation process has been designed from the ground up to be simple and completely transparent.

  • Start with a free 20-minute, no obligation, one-on-one consultation to discuss and assess your concerns and determine if this is an area where we can assist you.
  • We will research and identify options for progressing your matter, followed by discussing the best strategic choices with you.
  • If you wish to proceed, we will provide a quote ensuring that you know the costs associated with progressing.